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How are you Creating your Way to Success - Lynn

·Welcome my weekly post about how different people are Creating their way to Success.

My aim in this weekly feature is to :

• Provide an interesting insight into other people’s journeys towards their own personal success

• Help contributors to this post by encouraging them to advertise their own blog, website or shop / market within their post.

• Share motivation and encouragement with as many people as possible who are looking to use their creativeness to work towards their own goal of success.

What do you create?
I design and make jewellery for all occasions and teach beading classes.

• Why do you create?
I've been a full time teacher for nearly 15 years but last year I reached the stage where I needed a change. I've always liked to have a creative outlet (it used to be cooking) but I started making my own jewellery after buying some gorgeous beads on holiday in Venice. I got lots of compliments, so took a couple of courses to expand my skills and gradually I started getting requests for comissioned pieces. So when I felt the need to tweak my career path jewellery making seemed like a good avenue to explore.

• Do you sell your creations?
Yes I sell at craft fairs, home jewellery parties, beading workshops and I'm about to place some of my pieces in my hairdressers. My plan is try selling in a variety of local shops. I also have a website. So far it is early days and I'm just trying all the different outlets but the Christmas craft fairs were the easiest way of making money. I've only done 2 home parties but I find these the least enjoyable. Its kind of awkward going into people's homes and taking over their space and its quite difficult to get a large number of people to attend (although everyone tends to buy something). I've only sold 3 pieces through my website (in 5 months) but it does get regular hits so its a good marketing tool. It cost me £450 which was an excellent price so it should pay for itself in the first year. I build a good profit margin in to the price of my pieces and make sure I include an hourly rate for my labour so from that point of view it's profitable. However, I put in a lot of hours into marketing, sourcing components, learning how to take photos, doing the accounts etc etc so in real terms I make a loss at the moment. Also, I've had a lot of one off expensive costs like my camera, table top studio and a high quality printer which will enable me to save money in the long term. I think its proably going to take me a couple of years to be genuinely profitable. Have a look at

• What mistakes have you made or lessons you have learned?
Buying components at too high a price and not charging enough (at first). I now have a top price that I'm prepared to pay for a bead and a n hourly rate for myself so that I can easily calculate how much a piece needs to sell for.

I've really learned the importance of presentation and understanding the psychology of buying jewellery. Because it is often an impulse buy or a gift and is bought to embellish, never because it is needed, people need to feel good about buying it and be able to see the value it will add. I keep my typical customer in mind when I design a piece and try to understand their values. Having beautiful but discreet display-ware to show it off properly helps people understand that I use high quality components. I started off with second hand display ware that I bought second hand on ebay, it got me through Christmas and enabled me to get photos on my website quickly but I've had better feedback since I upgraded.
At my first home jewellery party my price tags hadn't arrived so I didn't have prices on things - people hated it (me too).
Sourcing raw materials at a good price is incredibly time consuming. It is well worth importing but I found you need to add an extra 2 weeks to the stated delivery time due to UK customs, especially at Christmas time. I am giving myself a year to learn the ropes. Until you've been through one years's cycle of trading it's very difficult to predict how successful events will be and which venues are the right ones for my pieces. I've decided I don't want to get too big in my first year so that my mistakes aren't too expensive!

• What, to you is success? Have you achieved it yet, or are you on your way towards success?
Success for me is measured in both creative and financial terms. It is gratifying for me when people want to buy and wear my creations or take part in my beading workshops. However, I am now teaching part time, so when daisyfield earns the same or more as the salary I've given up, I'll count myself successful.

• So what's next?
Getting my name out there, increasing sales, franchising the beading workshops, maybe having my pieces made in Asia with lower labour costs (I would still have creative contol and do the designing myself).

I hope this might be helpful to some readers. Any questions of feedback would be welcome at


Great answers and some wonderful detail replies on what's important and what you've learned about selling your own creations! Thank you!

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  1. wow, what gorgeous pieces! i have made a few sets of earrings, but nothing intricate...i wear them all the time, tho-you'd never know i made them. maybe i should look into making and selling some when we do yard sales??

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