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Freelance Writing

After writing for my own and other blogs for several years now, I decided to try looking for paid freelance writing work.

After a successful first month I'm ready to continue looking and explore more options in freelance writing as a source of income.

My first port of call has been People Per Hour, where I have found several writing jobs already. Using this site and applying for many different types of writing jobs there has helped me realise how much writing experience I now have thanks to my time blogging.  

Articles - I have written on both mine and other blogs about a variety of topics. 

Copy writing or product descriptions - thanks to my sponsors I've done plenty of this. I've written several book reviews and have written my own copy and product descriptions for items I have for sale in my madeit shop.

Editing and proofreading - I do this for my own work all the time and have also edited and proofread other people's work for various guest posts I've published on my own blog.

Once I started to look at my writing experience and built up a portfolio of examples of my work, applying for jobs became easier and I felt confident in my experience and abilities as a writer.

I will continue to post about my progress finding Freelance writing work, and share what I learn!


  1. I'm not sure when you posted this, but I just saw it today. . . and it is very inspiring! I fancy myself a writer, and now that I'm retired, maybe freelance writing would be a good possibility.


    1. Thanks for your comment. Go for it - there's plenty of opportunities out there! Good luck.


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